P2 Science is a venture-backed renewable chemicals company,

co-founded by Yale scientists, a chemical industry CEO, and Elm Street Ventures, an early stage venture fund.

P2 Science has developed a unique bio-refining process for the conversion of biomass, including vegetable oils, into high-value specialty chemicals including flavor and fragrance ingredients. Many of the products made by the P2 process are today available only from petrochemical sources. Among the first products to be produced by P2 are vegetable derived versions of current petrochemical fragrance ingredients. Major users & formulators of specialty chemicals have a strong interest in substituting vegetable for petrochemical ingredients. Patrick Foley, a graduate of the PhD program in Environmental Engineering at Yale, is P2′s Chief Scientific Officer. Neil Burns, an executive with 20+ years experience in the specialty chemical industry, is the company’s CEO. P2 has a laboratory in New Haven to support development  and commercialization of the technology and has partnerships with major companies at a number of points along the supply chain.